<strike>Wind</strike> Wings of Change

Just came back from a dinner with the Singaporean pilots who train here in Tucson. Many have come in gone in the time I've been here, their courses running only for a few months. As such, I've made many aquaintances, some friends, but there has been difficult to develop a deep bond that only comes with time. I look around at the students who are a more permanent fixtures. The peoplescape of the many dinner tables we've sat on have changed so much and so fast that we can barely draw our breaths. Every new face we meet, every new hand we shake, we do so knowing that like the planes they fly, they too are sitting on the runway, ready to take flight whenever the call is made.
There is the comforting thought that some of them will actually be stationed in Singapore. We could catch up on old times, when my own short flight here is done.
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