A Bigger Slice of Life

It's amazing how sound and music and evoke so much emotion. I consider myself a regular blog reader, and there are quite a number of bloggers I feel a strong affinity to. Most of them are in my daily reads list. It's an avenue where I get a glimpse of another life, another soul in what seems like an alternate universe. It is especially so when I'm pretty much isolated from all that is familiar to me here in Tucson Arizona. But reading in itself only transports us so far. I was amazed at how listening to a song placed on a link for background music brought me that much closer to a person I've never met. It almost seemed like I was actually there. Sharing music, sharing life.
So I've decided to share a slice of music that affects my life in the most profound of ways. Keith Green's music changed my life.
To <a href="" target="_blank">DW</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Lainey</a>, my comrades called to partake of His Cross. I hope <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> be your prayer as much as it is mine.
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