A Friend Indeed

For those of you who sent your well-wishes and prayers to my friend Kathryn who was diagnosed with brain cancer back in February, thank you. It was a most beautiful display of the better side of humanity.
She has been undergoing radiation treatment and some oral medication and is progressing very well. She is bent on losing weight as soon as the doctor clears her for some moderate exercise. Her spirits are high, and she is optimistic about returning to school next semester. Her only expressed regret so far is that she'll be a semester behind the rest of us. In her words "it's not going to be very fun" without us.
We're always here Kathryn. God willing, we're always here.
A group of friends and I will be meeting her this Friday for lunch, and if you'd like to tell her something from your own heart, just drop a note in the comments below, and I'll be sure to print it out and pass her the message.
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