Aim True

A friend asked me tonight if a decent guy were a thing too much to ask for. A guy who will stay faithful to you the rest of his days. A guy who won't look at other women with lust in his heart. A guy who is willing to wait till after marriage for sex.
Looking at popular opinion and public statistics, not only does is this "dream guy" illusive, it seems almost unreasonable to expect one for a husband. As a result of the degeneration that has been taking place in society the past few decades, we are left with compromised ideals. We are told that fairy tales remain fairy tales, and that the family structure of yesterday no longer holds water in the more dynamic environment of today. With the divorce rate in the USA hovering at 50%, we can't help but lower our expectations right?
It is a vicious cycle that spirals down to hell. Expect less so as to avoid disappointment, and you'll soon find that reality plays down to its competition. Allow a man to cheat, and trust me, he will. The popular feminist counter-measure is nothing short of an embarassment to women's intellect and resolve.
<center><em>If men can play the field, so can we.</em></center>
The men who are the real players are not hurt by this form of equality. On the contrary, it provides them a larger population to prey on, and ethically justifies their promiscuous lifestyle. The men that are hurt are the ones who actually wanted something serious out of their relationships. I don't even have to tell you how it has impacted the children who have grown up watching adults around them exhibiting this lifestyle.
This same friend read my journals on my <a href="">significant other</a> and wondered if that were the norm. It's only a small part of the entire picture. We've faced our own tempations, fought with each other, argued over our own issues and failed our own trials. Much as we desire to place God as the center of our relationship, our human frailty often kicks in and we find ourselves no better than the bottom rung of society's moral standards.
Our relationship is far from perfect. But we're not about to expect any less anytime soon.
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