Beyond the Darth

Played good big brother today and brought my youngest sister (I have two) out for a movie. We had intended to watch <a href="">Spiderman</a> but it was sold out, so <a href="">Attack of the Clones</a> it was. This was my second time watching it, but since I was half asleep the first time, it cleared up a lot of the story for me.
Yes, yes, so I fell asleep whilst watching the highly anticipated Episode Two. And I'm not ashamed to say it either. I was suffering from jet lag, and honestly, the middle part of the movie dragged on big time. Last thing I needed to see was Natalie and Hayden doing a Simba courtship roll in the lush green grass. It's one thing when cartoon characters try to be cheesily subtle about physical intimacy. George Lucas should have just stuck to the fireplace scene and foregone the frolicking.
I was better able to catch the subtleties of the dialogue this time round. I burst out laughing when Anakin whispered to Amidala his words of love…
<center>"<em>I am in such agony….I cannot breathe</em>"</center>
His breathing problem in the later episodes becomes his trademark.
We all know Jar Jar Binks should have died in Episode One. He single-handedly started the entire evil empire by using his new-found political position to suggest that emergency power be given to the Dark Lord of the Sith. He didn't make Episode Four…so our wishes may yet be fulfilled. The greatest villain is not Emperor Palpatine, nor the insidious Jar Jar Binks.
<a href="">Saruman the White</a>, long haired or crew cut, is the villain of the new millenium.
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