Clash of the Titans

A delayed telecast of Sacremento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers. *click* Venus Williams vs Martina Hingis. Shaquille O'Neal dumps 13 straight points on the Kings, using his massive 350 pound body to physically shift anyone who would even venture a defensive thought against him. Venus swats Martina as she would a fly, sending her to her right, then to her left, then to her right again.
I cannot help but pity the physical underdog. It seems that professional sports has reached a plateau where superior physical attributes make all the difference. Few finesse players are left, and brute force seems to be flavour of the day. Combine that with untamed aggression and an oversized ego, and you have the champions of today. As Shaq gets in the face of his defender and mouths "No way, m****f***er", it seems that sports is becoming less and less about character building, and more about winning.
Winning. Raw carnage. Being the only one left standing. Kill them. Kill them all.
Sure, the sports rebel goes way back. Dennis Rodman. Charles Barkley. John McEnroe. They were the bad boys. Some loved them, some hated them. They've always been around, but not until the emergence of a certain Mike Tyson has the bad boy become the model to emulate.
Our children's role model has changed. The paradigm of a successful person has shifted under our noses without stirring as much as a murmur. Much as I would like to rally a cry ala Braveheart or Spartacus, I only ask that we be aware of the things that permeate our lives and the lives of our children.
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