Courage Under Fire

Just came back from lunch with Kathryn, my friend who has been battling brain cancer the past three months. She's in great shape and the doctors have taken her off the steroids they used to control the inflammation of her brain due to the radiation treatment she was undergoing. She's all ready to return to school next semester, though she admits that being home with her two sons was a great experience, and that it was tempting to just forgo school and do that.
Her strength in this entire ordeal is nothing short of admirable. I know many would have crumbled under the same circumstances. Sitting there in the radiology department with other patients she found time to make a few friends, and in their strength she found strength.
She told us of a couple who have adopted 30 children thus far. All of them with terminal diseases. As of now 17 still stay with them, and 4 of them are battling cancer. The saddest part was that one of the four was the husband. Yet this lady still shines with happiness and a joy that is beyond this earth. I listen and can't help but be baffled at the resilience of character. Where most would deem grief, this couple found joy. Their own lives gave Kathryn the strength to overlook her own difficulties.
It was great seeing her again. God is really something.
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