Fellowship of the Ring

Well I guess I should tell you guys the surprise I had in store. Though my efforts in misdirecting Faith to think that I was still in Tucson failed, she didn't see that I had a backup surprise – I bought her a ring. It's not an expensive ring, but it has a rock. The price seems to have me believe I bought quartz set on silver, but the saleswoman in Tucson told me otherwise, so I'll trust her. This surprise wasn't going to fail.
As we watched PowerPuff Girls (why you got a problem with that?) on telly, I took her hand and removed the ring which she wore. After some rather deft maneuvers I swapped the rings and slid it on her finger. Then I looked at her and asked the question: Will you marry me? She laughed and said: Of course. I smiled.
I took her other hand and put the old ring back on. Her brain couldn't quite process it. Rings on <strong>both</strong> hands, and Mojo getting thumped by Bubbles. It took her a short while before she looked at her hands. She stared at me, half-shocked and surprised. Honestly, at the moment I couldn't tell if she were angry, upset, or happy. She let off a silent squeal and wore a huge grin the rest of the day.
It's probably not the most romantic of proposals, but it's mine. It's what we'll tell our grandkids if we have any.
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