So many movies and television shows cover wedding-day jitters. The cold feet. The trembling hands. Like Chandler in <a href="" target="_blank">Friends</a>. Or countless movies starring Freddie Prinze Jr. contemporaries. You know that guy.
I don't think I've ever thought that I'd ever be in those shoes. I fell in love with <a href="?her/her.htm" target="_blank">her</a> when I saw eleven and marriage has always been something that was in the plan. Yet fourteen years later (you can do the math), ten of which were spent in indescribable bliss of having her as my girlfriend, I find myself overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is before me. Marriage seems so huge. Such a big step. And many questions can't help but cross our minds.
<em>What if we fail? What if it doesn't work? What if…</em> And in the span of minutes I turn into the Chandler we all laugh at on TV. Yet looking at it objectively, getting married is merely the next step. We've been together for a long enough time. Being married be that great an adjustment. We can do this….right?
Yet marriage is a big deal. The joining of two lives brings about so many implications. To trivialise it as a signing of just another piece of paper would be belittling it. It <strong>is</strong> a huge step that requires much prayer and thought. I don't want to go into anything this big without the God's approval. I fear that I will fail because I will. But God never does. I place my trust, and the map of my life into His hands.
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