Language of a Previous English Colony

Coming back to Singapore after a short time away, I find myself more sensitive to the colourful nuances and subtle tastes that make it home. The racial diversity and relative youth of the country also means that Singapore's four official languages are often found intertwining in an ever-changing fluid movement. We often mix phrases, utilise alternative grammatical structures, forming a language we have come to know as Singlish. It is a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind and its adaptability to different cultures and environments.
Found in a letterbox was the following flier (or flyer, depending on your level of ingenuity).
<center><em>SWIMMING. SPECIALISE COUCHING.</em></center>
It is not hard to deduce that it is an advertisement for a swimming class, but we've all grown more cautious with the spate of pedophile activity going on. It doesn't help that the next line reads
<center><em>LEARN <strong>UNDER</strong> UNCLE YEO…</em></center>
Singlish is amazing. The flier on the other hand, combines childlike boldness (this was sent to countless homes) and competence for a most hilarious effect. I love home. Even if the weather sucks right now.
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