Losing Control

I cannot remember if it was in a daydream or in my sleep. I dreamt that humans were born with a remote control through some freakish work of technology. A control so that parents can decide the best activities for their children. It would help prevent crime. The dream led on to the adults. Who would control them? The government didn't have the right, the wisdom nor the integrity to make such a decision. In the dream there rose the cry, "Who is worthy of all control?" After some debate there arose only one answer that humankind agreed upon. God. God would make the right decisions. God knew what was best. We then took all our remote controls and handed it to God. He would determine our futures. He would save us from the mess of a future we put ourselves into.
God looked at the controls in all its high-tech gadgetry. It didn't fit His hands. He couldn't use it. We were all doomed to die in anarchy, in hopelessness and in despair.
Such is the <a href="">stuff</a> technological nightmares are made of.
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