Mini Web Terrorism

Any web surfer worth their weight in salt should be familiar with the term google-bombing. Though it started out as a harmless prank that was meant primarily to exploit's search algorithms, it has become a increasingly popular activity.
Google-whacking, the predecessor to google-bombing, was an attempt to have a specified phrase generate only one solitary answer on a google search. Google-bombing, on the other hand, attempts to have a predetermined link (often the bombers own webpage) come up on the number one position in a google search on a particular phrase.
While some of these bombers claim to do what they do in order to test the algorithms behind search engines, it is little more than an exercise in ego-inflating. It achieves nothing constructive, and it messes up what is essentially a good web service for the rest of us. As long as there are mathematical assumptions in any given process, there will always be mechanical consistencies that can be exploited by people with too much time of their hands. It is scarcely reasonable to expect any set of algorithms to capture the breadth of diversity on the web, which is a product of our collective individualities (gotta love the oxymoron).
Just as in politics and almost every other aspect of life, it is easier to observe, criticise and act like a spoilt child. Stepping up to the plate and effecting change is so much harder, yet so much more essential if we're going to see changes for the better.
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