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As the plane touched down on Singapore soil, we flew over Tanah Merah Country Club and its pristine golf course. Everything in Singapore is so pretty, the intention of the people who are behind land planning rather than any random natural beauty.
The plane taxied in the runway for a bit and we were all able to take a look at the Control Tower of Singapore's Changi Airport, a major landmark that has stood for many years. A golf ball that sits atop the tee that is Singapore itself. It's amazing how the officials at that time foresaw that golf was going to be a big factor in the everyday lives of affluent Singaporeans. Looking at it on a deeper level, Singapore is all about golf.
We spend most of our lives chasing down elusive small white dimpled balls. Upon reaching them, we simply take out our largest clubs and hit them as far away as we possible can, then walk after it again. Life here is an endless game of golf. Singapore's always striving to be number one, and even when that is achieved, we still push on. I don't have a beef with wanting to do well, but there should be a time when we knock the ball into the cup and head back to the clubhouse for a nice cool drink.
Here in Singapore, we have the tees and the fairways. The cup is something we're told is there. No one's ever seen it.
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