Practically Pigeonholing Prototypes

It's funny how as a child people were distinct individuals, each with their unique characteristics and mannerisms. It was always that aunt who spoke too loudly, or the granduncle who seemed too quiet. It was easier back then because our social circle was relatively small, and so we created these prototypes of people.
As we grow older we no longer made new molds as generously as we used to. Rather, we started to try fitting new people who came into our lives into the already existing prototype molds. "This new person…he's like that granduncle I have, only that he wears glasses". In order to cope with the widening circle of people we know, we categorise them into the little plastic molds we already have in our bucket of toys. We become less generous in seeing people for exactly who they were, and took the easier, lazier approach of seeing them for who they were like, and believed them as such.
It is hard to love the multiform universe of human nature and be amazed at the startling similarities amongst us at the same time.
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