Putting Things Down in Numbers

It's one thing to work in groups and yet another to have to do a peer evaluation of every member within a group.
Peer evaluations are usually done at the end of a project, and before the results of the project are returned. Tempers that have flared would have died down, and whatever bad blood would have been forgotten. Well, at least till the results come back. It is hard to place a numerical value to something so subjective. It would merely give the assessor a vague idea of what actually went on. Must admit though, that some idea is actually better than no idea at all.
Being Asian somehow affects the way in which I do these evaluations. In a culture that puts so much value on family reputation and individual "face", it is hard to belittle another person without feeling that some great crime has been committed. That another's family name will be adversely affected by which bubble is shaded, or that there will be endless stories around campfires over all of the land about how this one individual was so treacherously maligned by a fellow teammate.
I shade my bubbles carefully. Give credit where credit is due, and where there is blame, share it.
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