Return of the Clowns

Ok, so <a href="" target="_blank">Spiderman</a> wasn't the flop we all feared it would be (though I'm still pretty upset with the misinformation about the web-shooters). <a href="" target="_blank">Return of the Clones</a> received its first <a href=",2933,52250,00.html" target="_blank">review</a>, and it didn't go well. Or at least that was from the perspective of the film experts at <a href="" target="_blank">FoxNews</a>.
I've been alive long enough not to trust film critics. They seem to elevate themselves above the plebian crowd that is the rest of us, and bring word from the almighty god of films himself. While it is true that their word alone changes box-office statistics, most of us have learnt to take it with an acre of Utah's salt flats. The major mistake when most people attempt to critique George Lucas' new Star Wars endeavours is that they tend to compare one episode to the entire trilogy that they loved so well. Throw in feelings of nostalgia and the warm, fuzzy feeling of heyday, nothing short of a truly gargantuan effort would please them.
However, the one thing I have to agree with the review is that the humans seemed rather artificial from the little I've seen from the trailers. But then again, Anakin (Hayden Christensen) eventually grows up to be a man clad in a huge black dress and a cheap plastic mask. Nothing natural about that either.
At worst, Attack of the <strike>Clowns</strike> Clones is but a two hour long catwalk of unique fashion concepts. That's pretty funky in itself.
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