Same Destination

Watched the movie <a href="" target="_blank">Changing Lanes</a> starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck. It was almost like reading Thomas Hardy's Convergence of the Twain, a poem written about the collision between the ill-fated Titanic and the iceberg that sunk it.
The depth of the movie is intellectually stimulating. The two portray such different characters. Aflleck plays Gavin Banek, a lawyer who'll do anything to get to the top, while Doyle Gipson (Jackson) is a father fighting for the custody of his children. Gavin represents the financially wealthy thug analogous to the giant corporations of today. Doyle represents the blue-collared worker. The ones who struggle to make it through to the next day. Gavin will do anything it takes, rationalising away his moral integrity, while Doyle stubbornly sticks to whatever principles he holds dear.
It's an intriguing show that starts of like a good vs evil, and then reveals to us what we already know – that despite our different intentions, we are all the beasts we feared we would be.
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