Secret of Munchkin Island

I had a great time sitting in the Music building today. There were so many children running around, and the cuteness factor of the place was high enough to cheer even the most drab of days. A small blond boy playing with a water fountain he wasn't tall enough to drink from. A small girl who had a dress that fanned out like an umbrella.
I felt transported into a world where things where everything was larger the people around it. A land of little people all fascinated by the things around them. Mailboxes, trashcans, a piece of paper of the ground. It was an usual slice of heaven. Then I had a glimpse of the secret.
A small girl with curly hair, dressed in a pink jumper smiled at me as her father carried her down the corridor. It was a enigmatic smile. She knew something that we didn't. They all do.
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