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I cannot help but continue to be amazed at the strength of character that has been displayed before me.
I've spent the last week driving my aunt to appointments with her doctors. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. In the past few half a year, I've had contact with people who have suffered from cancer. and am convinced that the people most fearful for their plights are those around them as opposed to the cancer patients themselves. I found myself asking "How are you feeling?" an inordinate number of times. It almost seemed like a subconscious reaction, rather then a deliberate display of concern. My aunt shows more poise throughout her chemotherapy sessions than any of us. She laughs, and tells us of how much hair has fallen the past few days.
God provides strength to those who are in need of it. His providence is both miraculous and uplifting as we look upon the transformed faces of those whom His hands have touched.
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