Strike Three!

Abercrombie & Fitch did it again. First there was the huge commotion they caused by having nude models groping each other in their summer catalogue. Then there was the whole t-shirt fiasco that seemed derogatory towards the Asian population. So after pissing off the adults and the asians, A&F decides to move down the alphabet and target the children.
A&F recently started <a href="">selling thongs</a> for children. What's more, A&F apparently used the same skilled copywriter. On some of the thongs it says "Eye Candy", and "Wink Wink". A&F's spokesperson defended the thongs, saying "it's cute and fun and sweet". I'd suggest the FBI keep a close eye on this spokesperson. Sounds a little too peachy keen to me.
I can't for the life of me understand why someone would voluntarily wear something that is essentially a wedgie. It's not too hard to envision these thong-wearing folk having children. After all, children are the eventual reward for enduring those endless hours of thong-wearing, are they not? That must have been A&F's target market. Add to the fact that Catholic churches are probably not going to touch on the subject of pedophiles anytime soon. The timing couldn't be any better.
One can't help but remember the good old days of <a href="">Benetton</a> and its controversial ads. Benetton's ads provoked a few, and piqued some thoughts into issues society doesn't dare bring to the surface. A&F is probably trying to do the same.
The thing is, I can't remember the last time I saw another Benetton store.
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