Technological Migration

I'm not much for change. Heck, I eat the same thing every day. And I don't mind.
It's not the same with technology though. It's rapid shifts can often leave one stranded in the no-man's land of obsolescence, and it is in this realm I know that stubbornness and inertia towards change cannot survive. Or can it?
The reason for my apprehension is <a href="" target="_blank">Moveable Type</a>'s barrage of new updates. Moveable Type is a blogging tool, much like <a href="" target="_blank">Blogger</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Greymatter</a>. Unlike the other two, Blogger is an online blogging tool, and that means that its reliability is subject to the Blogger servers, whereas the other two tools are not.
I believe in the old-school practice of loyalty between a business and its customer, but my experiences with consumer loyalty when it came to technology have not been especially fruitful. I was amongst the first to own a 3D graphics card by <a href="" target="_blank">3Dfx</a>, which was eventually swallowed whole by computer graphics giant <a href="" target="_blank">Nvidia</a>. I wanted the Apple II to triumph over the PC. I lost out both times.
Now that <a href="" target="_blank">Phil</a> has moved over to Moveable Type, I cannot help but question my own loyalty. Phil had always been Blogger's largest unpaid advocate. His migration is a great loss.
Unknown to most of you, I ran Moveable Type on Tribolum a long time ago when it first hit the blogging community. I decided to stick with Blogger because I wanted to support the ones who had first made my online journal writing so much easier. Is it possible to stand straight and still in the rapid currents of new technologies?
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