The Importance of Consistency

In most aspects, I think I'm one of the most stubborn people I know with regards to small habits. I do things the same way every time because I find change unsettling, and it scares me.
Just a small example: when I play basketball at the Recreation Center, I sit on the same chair to change into my shoes every time. Or my daily pack of <a href="">Twix</a> and a juice at the same time every morning at school.
When I read <a href="">Around the World in Eighty Days</a> by Jules Vern, I thought that Phileas Fogg (the main character) was pretty cool in the way he did things exactly the same all the time. Like clockwork. I wanted to be like clockwork.
I did something different yesterday. For the first time in my life I propped my feet up while watching a movie at the theatre, after taking all necessary precautions not to dirty the seat of course. As fate would have it, I dropped my wallet there, and despite my best efforts today, was unable to retrieve it.
I think I'll just stick to the things I know that work.
By the way, check out the <em>new</em> checkbox I put on Tribolum to manage the external links of my ramblings.
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