The Vileness of Verisign

I'm sure many of you have read, or glimpsed through it. How Verisign is evil. They stole's domain, sold it before it expired, and told the owner to <a href="">take a hike</a>. Like most bad news that doesn't strike too close to home, we sigh in exasperation, and just move on with our lives.
Verisign has hit home this time. has received letters from Verisign saying that the domain name is expiring, and wants me to pay $30 by next week to keep it. As far as my own bank records show, is barely even close to its expiration date.
Do yourself a favour. Listen to <a href="">Ev</a>, <a href="">Jason</a> and the many others for whom Verisign's incompetence has affected. If should not be here come next week, leave your comments here, and I'll tell you guys if or where I move. And don't forget to transfer your own domains if you're currently under Verisign.
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