Toeing the Line

Planning a wedding can't be that hard, can it?
Just sitting around, throwing names of faraway relatives and long-lost friends, the immensity of the task unfolds before my eyes. The most obvious aspect is the cost, and in the case of Chinese wedding dinners, the cost is nothing short of financially debilitating. I'm beginning to believe that the Chinese wedding dinner is a hurdle placed by our wiser ancestors to weed out couples that won't last. The logistical arrangements and the sharing of the financial burden is enough to cause some extent of dissention between spouses-to-be. With the added constraint of not being as well-to-do as we'd like, we tread carefully on the territorial lines of who gets an invite and who doesn't. Being the first-born son on both sides of the family means that the danger of ending up with an obscure pissed-off relative is higher than getting pricked while hugging an angry Saguaro.
<center><em>Tread softly, for you tread on years of perfectly balanced familial ties.</em></center>
I hear Yeats laughing as I walk the minefield conjured by generations past.
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