Cannibalism of the Spirit

A number of construction workers from China passed through our church recently, victims of unscrupulous Singaporean middlemen who refused them remuneration for their work.
These middlemen would go to China, offering men there a chance to work in Singapore for a fee. It would be their major break out of their poverty and a chance to earn more money. Upon receiving the fee, these middlemen would then process their work visas and have these workers come to Singapore, where they would be sold to construction companies as labour.
Having received two payments, one from the worker and another employers that required such labour, these middlemen would then starve out the Chinese workers, witholding the payment that is due them. After a period of non-payment, the Chinese workers would grow disgruntled and refuse to work for no pay. The middlemen would then place the blame on the workers' refusal to work and have them shipped back home.
I am ashamed to be in the same country as these people. I am ashamed to be a fellow human being. How can one sleep at night knowing that his or her greed has destroyed another person's life to the uttermost? How can you send someone home to their family in poverty and failure, because you wanted to make a quick buck?
Dreams, integrity and compassion are made of gold, and we have traded them for a wad of worthless paper.
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