Face 2 Face

To be perfectly honest, it was somewhat easier blogging when I was physically in Arizona than it is now that I'm home in Singapore. The website originally served the purpose of communicating to people back home the everyday happenings or thoughts, a form of rapport that wasn't as pushy as an email.
In some sense, it is harder to blog because of the physical form of accountability. The thousands of miles I used to be able to hide behind are no more, and the stark intensity of my intended honesty blinds me as now I stand too close to its white flame. Not that I've done anything to piss people off on purpose, but the little nuances that I makes me who I am no longer belong to that someone far away I was. It is not hard to contact me, nor is it hard to see me face to face anymore.
My thoughts remain open to you, dear reader, as they always have been all this time. I will not shirk back from that which I had originally purposed – to be as honest as I can be in the words that I type. I lay myself vulnerable to arrows of criticism and love alike, but I believe that it is here we find true life in what is essentially lifeless symbols of the English alphabet upon a screen.
I still find it hard to have someone stand behind me reading the things I type, but once I hit the publish button my words and hopes fly randomly unto the dark winds of a virtual sky.
Tell me if you've been out here reading all this while – the thick blackness of the cold medium too often makes me feel alone.
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