Game Enough

I find it ridiculous that Italian football (soccer, to the few of you) club Perugia <a href=",1870,127175,00.html?">fired</a> their player Ahn Jung Hwan.
They took his job not because of his incompetence, but for his competence. He scored the golden goal to eliminate the country of his employment so that his country – the one he was born in and grew up in – would advance to in its quest for the World Cup. While he was hailed as a national hero, his employer places the blame for Italy's "early" exit squarely on him. Perugia chairman Luciano Gaucci did not blame the Italian players for the loss, or coach, but blamed this man who was doing his job.
Mr. Gaucci is also quoted saying, "Let him (Ahn) go back to Korea and earn 100 lire (USD $0.05) a month!". Such shortsightedness. If Italian football is being run by people like him, we will soon see the downfall of one of the world's football powerhouses.
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