I Yam Who I Yam

Met up with <a href="">Yammy</a> and had a meal that consisted of a drink of barley. Sure-fire way to lose weight and save money at the same time. We watched the Korea vs Germany soccer match and I was quite miffed that the Germans won. It would have been nice to prolong the fairytale, even if the Germans played better.
Meeting Yammy tonight only proved one thing: I am every bit the introvert I thought I was. It's funny meeting someone you know from an online source the first time. Face to face encounters are so much more intimdating as every nuance is scrutinised. It is no longer just what I type on the keyboard, but where I look, how I look, how I eat and so on. I apologise if I have been bad company. It just takes me some time to warm up to people.
The first signs that come with me getting comfortable with you is a whole barrage of insults in friendly banter. *laughs* Maybe it's good you didn't get to that part, Yammy.
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