Sifting Through The Sands Of Time

I met an old friend at the ugly monstrousity of a community center where the old basketball court once stood. We played ball for a bit, and then he asked an interesting question.
<center><em>Are a lot of your friends getting married?</em></center>
I then proceeded to tell him that I too was planning on tying the knot sometime next year. He looked at me in mock disappointment. It were as if he were betrayed by an old comrade who once-upon-a-time seemed reliable.
It strikes you suddenly. That things are no longer as simple as in days past. Friendship no longer has the same permeance and closeness that it once held. People once close now have their own little lives to deal with, and you have yours. I remember wishing things were the way they were, and somewhere along the way I've become resigned to the fact that change is inevitable.
I still miss old friends, and wonder how they've been doing all these years. I hope life doesn't pass me by before I organise a huge campfire for us to tell our untold stories.
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