The Complexity of Simplicity

I went for lunch at a Japanese restaurant with my two aunts and kid cousin today. I've had an aversion to Japanese food ever since my job stint in Chicago, but that's another story for another day.
It's been a long time since I've spent time with this kid cousin of mine. He's nine, the age where no dream seems beyond reach. Though his family is relatively affluent, I'm thankful that he's brought up well and not thoroughly spoilt. I guess the younger generation (me included) is spoilt to some extent, never having experienced the hardships our parents and their parents had to. Talking to a child helped me remember the child inside of me, and see how far we've fallen from those times of innocence.
This evening, Dad asked how the name Microsoft came about. My kid sister (she's thirteen) jokingly asked why we had ten toes and not twelve, why we in Singapore felt the right way up even though we live at the equator…and so on. Though most would be fast to dismiss the questions of these young people are nonsensical, it's a sad fact that many of us have lost our sense of curiosity. We hide behind intellectual theories and toy around with ideas we deem are at an appropriately lofty level, yet are unable to answer the simplest questions posed by the youngest inquisitor.
Let's not fake it. There are so many things we do not yet know.
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