The Cost of the Root

The love of money is the root of all evil, so the saying goes. As the majority of the world's governments shifted from its more hierchical roots to the myriad of democratic variations we see today, capitalism has been the driving force of industry, and meritocracy its younger brother.
After the Enron scandal which cost many retirees their hard-earned savings, there comes in its wake the Worldcom fiasco. almost 4 <strong>billion</strong> dollars of false profits. Goodness knows how much investor confidence that brought, and how much money the unwitting average joe contributed to the accounting lie.
Somewhere, someone is getting rich. Very, very rich. The meeting of the G8 leaders in the Canadian Rockies resulted in a $1 billion debt writeoff for the African nations, which are stricken in poverty. Children are dying, families starving to death. The gout that has afflicted the ones living in abundance is but a slap in the face of the poor. Where is the humanity all these contemporary political ideologies would bring?
It is found in the pockets of the rich man. Or woman. Your "better" life has cost the poor and downtrodden a lifetime of being in want.
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