The Soul Provider

Why do males feel like they have to provide for their loved ones? Is it an innate quality, or a product of societal upbringing?
It's been hard finding a job this time back due to circumstances beyond my control. While my sister has been amassing a small fortune, I've been slowly depleting whatever tiny resource I had to start with. It has always been in my nature to give generously to others, or to pay for their meals, and a weird feeling tugs inside me when I am unable to pay for my meals with Faith. She's nice about it, of course, but it's a feeling I'd rather not have hanging over my head.
I'm not certain if it's out of pride or a need to be self-sufficient, or if it's some Chinese trait that binds me so. I know that I've to learn the lesson of being in need and humbling myself to seek help if required. Somehow it's not an easy lesson to learn.
I wonder how some people can live as parasites all their lives. There must have been a metamorphosis somewhere.
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