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Today's match between Brazil and England proved to be one of those mega-events that capable shifting schedules, stopping business and rearranging appointments. In my household it was an event of sufficient magnitude to warrant an inpromptu family outing. I managed to persuade Dad and my sister (the older of the two) to head downtown to watch the game with the rest of Singapore. Bear in mind that these two are hardly anyone's definition of a soccer fan.
To my relief, Brazil won 2-1. It was a match played between a team that was methodical and stoic, and the other that has entertained us all these years by simply having fun out there. The English boasted the stingiest defence in the tournament. Though most of Singapore supports England because we grew up watching the English premier league, a few who were bold enough to wear the blue of Brazil wanted goals. The more the better. Brazil's two goals were an eye-pleaser, whilst England's single was a textbook goal that was a result of a defender's error.
The win was a <a href="javascript:alert('Pyrrhus was a king who suffered great losses to defeat the Romans');" ID="nonew">pyrrhic victory</a> as Ronaldinho was awarded a red card for the slightest of tackles. He scored the second of Brazil's goals, and was the supplier of the crucial pass to Rivaldo for the first.
I predict a Brazil – Spain final. Brazil will win that final in extra time.
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