A Backstage Pass

My youngest sister had her ear pierced not too long ago. It is interesting to have an inside look at what seems to be a coming of age for her. How she fiddles with changing earrings in sheer trepidation.
She's the tomboy of the family, much to my heart's content. Being an only son, there is no one to play basketball with, or share the "rougher" activities. The middle sibling behaves as a lady's lady would, shunning most forms of physical exertion. This girl, on the other hand, is willing to fall asleep in her sweat. Gross, I know, but I smile at the lack of fear she has for dirt and grit.
The piercing of the ear is a small milestone. A turning point if you will. It won't be long before the makeup comes in. The nail polish, lip gloss…the works. I can't quite see it now, and I don't know how to react if it should happen suddenly, but it is an interesting chain of events.
I'm just glad I have the opportunity to be here and observe the small things that will make up her life.

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