Baby Chicks

When dealing with children it is ever so important to be aware of how much pressure we apply on them. Due to their very nature they often bring out the worst in us. Even those amongst us with more than a fair share of patience encounter times when those reserves are found lacking. It is at these moments we blast out with full force, because we have given up hope that anything would make an impact anyway.
Children are like eggs. Apply pressure slowly, and nothing ever seems to give. Though we'd much rather have a more pliable material in our hands, eggs just seem totally unmoldable. How then are we to shape the "leaders of tomorrow"?
Children are like eggs. They aren't meant to be molded by our imperfect hands. Soap operas do nothing but remind us that we're screwed up. Trying to make these children anything like us would be an exercise in sadism. They are like eggs – meant to be warmed, cradled, and allowed to grow.
We have the responsiblity of exposing them to warmth – the more noble and admirable aspects of human existence. The rest is pretty much up to God.

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