He stood there. The world seemed silent to him, as if the moment had decided to defy time and stay a little longer. He had waited so long and so hard for this, and now coming face to face with reality…he was lost. <em>Yes</em> his heart cried. No words came out of his mouth.
He had lived with the pain for far too long to leave its grasp. Where once he might have considered it freedom, this freedom now came to him as fear and trepidation. There was a security that came with this pain. Its companionship was something he had learnt to depend on, something that was constant. Faithful. Reliable. He wasn't going to trade it for anything less. The loss of this steadfast friend was a cost too high to pay for something as unsure as her.
He had paused for too long. She had already turned away, for to her the answer was found in his silence. He closed his eyes and lay his head on the bosom of his old friend. He wept. His friend understood.

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