It's true that blogging has become a fad, and everyone and their dog seems to have one. Now that <a href="">Guardian</a> has put aside a thousand pounds for the "best British weblog", even the cats are joining in.'s Tom Coates has decided to boycott the competition, and I must say that the arguments between Tom Coates and Guardian's Simon Waldman is pretty balanced. In a society where competition is prevalent, why should blogs be any different? After all, there are already the Oscars, the Tonys, the Emmys and so on.
However, the very nature of competition goes against that of blogging. Blogs exist to allow the layman or laywoman a voice to say whatever they wish. And to pit blogs against each other would destroy its very spirit.
Oh heck, I'm not British, and don't qualify (or stand a chance) for the thousand pounds, which would have been a very welcome gift.
Read the <a href=",7369,765160,00.html">email debate</a>.

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