It just occurred to me that I've exactly one month before flying back to Tucson. It is the most intriguing feeling of ambivalence. It almost seems like my flying back there is a return into the embrace of an old friend, and a life where I am able to make my own choices. What to eat, where to eat, when to eat. Ok, so my life does revolve around food now that my wrist is busted and I'm trying hard to refrain from playing basketball and injuring it further.
There are so many things I still hope to do. At the back of my mind, I know that my current state of lethargy will see none of it done, and that I need to step up and be more proactive. I'd like to meet many of you while I am still able to.
<a href="">Vaya</a>, <a href="">Biscotti</a>, <a href="">Sheryl</a>…you guys free anytime soon?
<a href="">Geisthund</a>, heard you're back in Singapore for the holidays. Drop me an email?

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