Handy Cap

These past two weeks was quite the revelation as I coped with the limited use of my right hand. It's still quite sprained, despite one visit to the doctor, two physiotherapy appointments, and a much lighter wallet.
I've been spending the last two months ferrying my Aunt to the hospital for acupuncture treatments, injections and the occasional chemotherapy session. Having seen so much of the hospital one gets a better observation of the difficulties people with physical disabilities have to deal with. A simple slope is no longer just a hassle, but turns into a pretty daunting mountain. We normal folk sometimes look upon them in pity, not truly fathoming the psychological struggle behind the visible physiological inabilities.
The inability to use my right hand, my dominant hand mind you, was quite the blow to me. I was unable to feed myself for the first two days, depending of Faith, bless her heart, to do the menial task of twirling my pasta for me. It was truly a humbling experience.
This injury came at a time I was having the most fun on the basketball court, having improved quite a bit over the past year. I know that the Lord wants to keep my pride in check, and it is ironic that the verse that comes to mind reads "Pride comes before a fall". I never knew God to be so literal. But hey, it's His right of expression, and I'm not arguing with that.
Somewhere in the book of Jeremiah I remember that it reads "Cursed is the man who makes strength his arm".
I have none left, and I feel very vulnerable, totally dependent, and truly blessed.

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