Inhouse Lighthouse

Having had a short break from being chauffeur, I took tonight off as fiancé and spent a little time with my sisters.
It has been a while since I looked upon them, especially so with the younger. In my time away from home she has grown almost as tall as Mom, and though the rugged tomboyishness still shows, glints of feminity have begun to reveal themselves.
In so many ways she is the brother I never had. Where the older of the two (I have two younger sisters) was the ballet-dancing, facial-going kind, the younger plays basketball, much to my delight.
Have I told you that she just had her ears pierced? It was hilarious a few moments ago when she sat at the mirror for close to two hours trying to put her earring back in. As the lighting wasn't bright enough, she resorted to holding a torchlight in one hand whilst attempting to spear her ear. She refused to have anyone help her for fear we inflict multiple lacerations upon her already slightly infected earlobe.
The torchlight in her hand was one of those newfangled ones. You know, the type that is shaped like a card and lights up when you squeeze it. In her two hour attempt (she didn't succeed) she must have sent pages upon pages of morse code.
I'll be returning to Tucson in a month, for a final year there. I'll miss watching her grow up.

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