Instant Culture

The cellular phone has become a necessity in many of our lives. Its convenience is much longed for, but its swift inclusion has changed our lifestyles and killed many a good thing.
With the instant communication it offers, there is little need to adopt a habit of punctuality. Meeting times are changed on the fly, often with a quick SMS (short messaging service) informing the other party that you'll be running late. Though it saves the punctual person from wasting time, it does away with the need for integrity of word. Things can be changed simply because it is convenient to.
In the times way before our own, in the days when martial arts heroes would duel for the right to be top dog of the martial arts universe, they would duel with their most powerful adversary, then arrange to meet ten years later for another bout. Ten years later, they would show up in the predetermined place for their showdown.
Ok, so Chinese martial arts novels aren't exactly a collection of historical fact. But we looked up to these values once upon a time.
When Faith (my fiancé) got herself a cell, there was a change in the way we interacted. There'd be times when I was talking whilst driving and she'd take out the blasted gadget and begin typing in a short text message. She doesn't do that anymore.
In our ten years together, we always had a set time at night to talk to each other. Whether I was working in Chicago or home in Singapore, we'd speak on the phone at ten o'clock at night Singapore time. I liked the security of such an arrangement, and even to this day I still make it a point to always be there.
Used to a lifestyle of instant communication, she now calls me whenever she wants to. I find myself unable to adapt to the concept of short brief phonecalls, preferring to lay on my bed for a hearty exchange. The intermitten calls disrupt my lifestyle, and I have often found myself more irritable than I would have liked to be.
I wish some things could stay the same. I like to sail my boat slow and steady.

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