No Laughing Matter

Though having flown many times round the earth, the novelty of flying has yet not died on me. I still step into a plane full of anticipation, and being thrust into the back of my seat is quite the exhilarating experience. Don't read <strong>too</strong> much into the last sentence.
One of the most hilarious things about the whole business of flying is the number of sordid faces you see around. Everyone seems to have their poker face on, and at times the tension in air is high enough to cause an aneurism. To alleviate the awkwardness and lighten the mood, I often use humour to cheer myself, and the people around me up. It's an automatic response. Airplane, humour. They go well together.
That is until a woman passenger headed to Tucson (of all places) was <a href="">arrested</a> for cracking what I thought was a pretty good joke.
I'll try my best to stifle my laughter when I fly back to beloved Tucson this August. I promise.

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