One of Our Own

The <a href="">news</a> of Gene Kan's suicide came as a shock to many of us. He was one of the few shooting stars whose toying around shaped the very world we live in. Gnutella, which he played a large part in developing, pierced the heart of the entertainment industry by bringing music, sight and sound to the many of us who would not have been able to afford the homage required by these multimedia giants.
A look into his personal <a href="">blog</a> would undoubtedly touch our hearts – he was one of us. He is not some faraway character who had <a href="">aspirations</a> of global domination. His penned thoughts reflect our own.
Generation X. We are full of pain and woe. The weight of the world falls upon our shoulders. Used like batteries in a toy train. Java, HTML, C…the languages we speak are the arms, the means by which things can be accomplished in this present age and time. We would much rather play around with these technologies the same way a child would play in a sandbox, but the greed of those in our parents' generation enslave us. They drive us. They push us over the edge.
Damn their greed.

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