Only a World Away

<a href="">Warcraft 3</a> has hit me. The game was released with fanfare a few days ago, but I've managed to allay its effect on me, using every bit of resolve. Three whole days.
Having discovered the wonder of the original Warcraft many years ago, standing beside the gargantuan displays promoting Warcraft 3 brought back so many memories. Rearing wolves and horses and storming down the hillside with a battallion of armour-clad knights…stuff dreams are made of.
My heart shudders with excitement reliving these memories in my mind. The prospect of two new races and revisiting old characters spurs my hand to hold one of the cellophane-wrapped boxes in a vice-like grip. I read into my pocket for my wallet. It is then I remember that I'm dead broke.
Being a full-time chauffeur for my favourite third Aunt on Dad's side has its privileges, but the monetary remuneration isn't all great. The rewards are much better of course. Her smile lights up my life.
I place the box down, heart still palpitating, saliva still in overdrive. Maybe some other day, Thrall and Brozebeard. We'll meet again.

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