Onward with Progress

We all knew it would happen. Scientific innovation is an unstoppable vehicle that ploughs down any obstacles that stand in its path. Someone, somewhere was going to clone a human being. Despite laws and questions regarding the venture's moral fabric, someone jumped the red light and went on ahead anyway.
So a woman in South Korea claims to have a cloned baby in her womb, that will undoubtedly put her in the spotlight of scientific scrutiny for years to come. Many questions come to mind, and few have been answered, or even pondered on. Many of them of a spiritual, rather than a scientific nature.
I guess science has always struggled with the paradox. Staunch scientists refute the existence of anything spiritual simply because things of that nature are not quanitifiable by empirical methods. Yet they continually bank their knowledge on logic and mathematical constants, both of which they had no part in inventing. They tread by faith, yet mock those who would proclaim it aloud.
Will the child have a soul? A spirit? Did we create life, or just produced a bunch of cells that mimicked it?
Whatever we have produced, we have to love because we are talking about a real human being. If only we loved him or her enough to think long and hard before playing God.

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