Phone Habits

It's amazing isn't it? We've spoken to each other on the phone for every night the last almost ten years now. Well, except for times when it was impossible to, or when we were out together. I can't imagine talking to anyone that much, but somehow we always have things to talk about. We've grown a lot over these years, and I guess we have to continually make sure we grow in the same direction. A decade worth of phone calls – that's a lot of ten cent coins. Even now my heart still jumps with anticipation at your call.
The time you fell asleep on the other side of the line was hilarious. You zonked out on me and woke up only three hours later. I didn't want to be rude and hang up on you – something which I never ever want to do. You mumbled things ocassionally during the three hours and I'd tell you to put the phone down, only to be met with some irrelevant answer that must have originated from the depths of your beautiful dreams.
I don't ever want to hang up. Well, except for when I need a loo break.

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