Part of my aunt's treatment for her cancer revolves around acupuncture. It has come a long way since its traditional roots, and now utilises electricity-induced needles and other contemporary household appliances. Oh, and magnets. Don't forget the magnets.
My aunt has tiny magnets taped on various points of her body, some to alleviate headaches and stress, and others to help keep her immune system up and running. I'm not a non-believer. There are far too many things our miniscule efforts at medical and scientific research have yet to discover. I do wonder, though, that if magnets can help a person's health, an MRI (magnetic-resonance imaging) must be majorly messing up people's well-being everywhere.
After her short acupuncture session we went to have lunch at a small mall. Must have been the work of the magnets, but my aunt tore off on a shopping spree. She went into every jewellery store to window-shop, browsed through the children's toy section for birthday gifts, past, present or future. Clothes. Men's, women's, teens, babies.
Being a member of the male populace, shopping is a high-stress activity. Some study not too long ago discovered that shopping has the same physiological effect on males as flying combat aircraft at high-speeds. The trip to the carpark seemed at times like a quest to carry an extremely powerful magnet through a maze made of iron.
<center><em>Almost there….WHAP! Sidetracked again.</em></center>
The trick, gentlemen, is to loosen up. Flying a high-speed aircraft can be stressful or exhilarating, just as a ride on a roller-coaster can be. It is a conscious choice.
After what seemed like decades of incessant torture, I chose. I got involved.
<center><em>mmm…that's not as nice as the other one…the lines on this watch…interesting.</em></center>
About two hours and four shopping bags later, we stood at the lift to the carpark, the end of the maze, the holy grail.
<center><em>Hey, we didn't get a look at Levi's</em>, I thought.</center>

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