Ring the Wrong Number

Getting you a ring was hardly a surprise gift – I'm pretty sure back then you knew it was coming, but not when. The less than subtle hints were picked up of course, and being your wonderful boyfriend, I had to pretend that it didn't penetrate my thick skull, and at the same time make plans to get the ring, and fast.
I finally saved up enough for a simple ring and headed down to Parkway Parade. After some deliberation, I got you the platinum ring you now wear on your finger. I wanted our relationship to be Christ and God-centered and had picked the Bible verse to engrave upon it. Thanks to my apparent lack of Bible knowledge, I headed to Scripture Union bookstore (which is no longer there) to borrow the concordance. The verse I had intially wanted was
<blockquote>"Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind" – Luke 10:27</blockquote>
I just wanted to engrave Lk 10:27 on the inside of the ring, but I thought Lk didn't look very nice. Searching the concordance and hoping to find the same thing in another gospel, I found Matthew 12:37. Now Mt 12:37 looked better than Lk on any good day. I went up to the jeweller and had it done. My love for you, and the direction I had wanted for the both of us was now set in stone.
When I gave you the gift you wondered about the verse and decided to check the Bible to see what it meant. I wanted you to realise that no matter how close we became, God always had to have the first place in our lives and our hearts. You then had a puzzled look on your face and read the verse
<blockquote>"For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned." – Matthew 12:37</blockquote>
I sat there stunned, checked it out for myself….the reference is correct. Apparently the concordance had tons of data in little tiny fonts and I had hit the wrong line. And it was set in stone. You looked at my dismay and smiled. You then said, "well, it's a good reminder anyway".
My heart pumped with warm blood. You didn't blame me or ridicule me then. In that moment my heart lay bare and upon it was engraved "God loves me" and its evidence was to be found in your eyes. Eyes that held no bitterness or loss, and in the silent solitude of my heart I hugged you.
Thank you for loving me so much dearest. I love you too, even if I mess up every now and then.

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