Shylock's Shoes

It is sad that our society pays pittance to the more noble occupations, whereas dishonest corporate ladder climbers are rewarded handsomely. Social workers and teachers are amongst the most overworked and underpaid people around.
Having played chauffeur this past two months, I can better empathise the cost of a life spent toiling for the "greater good". Though I deem myself as less materialistic than the average joe, it still stings a little when I see my contemporaries bring home the spoils of a normal paying job – often in the form of new clothes or fancy gadgets I wish I could have.
It is not easy keeping one's eye on the greater good – something so intangible. Its ethereal nature pales when we place it beside the more visible. Its light shines bright when our aim is true, and it is then we know that its all been worth it.
The fear that we've been deluding ourselves strikes at our heart. We breathe, and hold our hand steady once more.

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