The First

One within our small circle of friends held her wedding last Saturday. She is the first among us to move unto the next step, so to speak.
It didn't seem too long ago when we were all fresh-faced teenagers merely trying to get from one school holiday to the next. How fast life sweeps us off our feet!
There is a certain distance that comes with change, and I've grown to accept it as part of life. The acceptance of this inevitable fact is a sad thing we acquire on our way to adulthood. It is not the result of personal growth, but rather a resignation, an admission of defeat that we eventually lose what once we as children held dear.
It is a paradox of sorts – Friendship's seemingly transient nature is intertwined with childlike resilience. The eternal pacts we make as children live on forever in our hearts, but not in the same tangibility in which we forged them.
Some of us allow ourselves to be troubled by its fleeting substance, while some others place all hope in its resolve, but the key to understanding friendship lies in neither extremity nor its midpoint – it is found when we stand both perplexed and hopeful.

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